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As a nonprofit we need your help to ensure this work continues. By joining the CASH Music Family you become a vital part of a future that puts musicians & art first. If we all stand together we can build a healthy way forward.

What you get

  • A voice in our direction. At least once a quarter we’ll hold a member vote on what features should be built next, who should be nominated for or receive support from The Revolving Fund, and what we need to cover on Watt.
  • • A curated feed of new, rare, and debut music delivered directly to your inbox.
  • • Access to a special Family-only store with one-of-a-kind items like test pressings, autographed records or merch, & exclusive merch from artists & labels we love.

Where does your money go?

Our Tools

CASH Music web tools give musicians no-commission stores, email for download widgets, better tour listings, and more — all free, open, and customizable. Sell on your own site without giving anyone a cut. Build an audience for yourself, not another startup. They’re trusted by bands like Bikini Kill and Run The Jewelsgive our tools a try.


Watt explores the economic, technological, cultural and health issues facing musicians to help us learn from each other. Watt features experiences from musicians and industry professionals; research from writers and academics; and editorial writing. Technology and tools are only as valuable as the knowledge driving them.

Revolving Fund

The CASH Music Revolving Fund is a work in progress exploring a new kind of arts funding. Sometimes all an artist needs to unlock earnings from their work is some up-front money to pay for merch, production, etc. The Revolving Fund is a pay-it-forward no-interest lending program designed to to help artists as entrepreneurs.